About Us

The Zeal Martial Arts Academy has been giving the martial art training for more than 15 years, The Academy has always insisted to teach genuine martial arts training, educating new talent. Academy management has the professional black belt instructors, best in the city.

Academy has been featured in more than 100 domestic, national and international tournaments with many gold, silver and bronze medals at all the platform.Because of the academy teaching effect is remarkable, outstanding achievements in training, beautiful environment in class, was named top martial art schools in Udaipur. Our goal is to be the Best Martial Arts Academy in Rajasthan.

The Best Instructors Team For you

Our Instructors will teach your child the martial art in such a way that will help them to get away in any circumstances securely and as quick as achievable. The principles of martial arts and our training are based on how to respond unconsciously without having to think about what to do. Our all the course of martial art include instruction in the 3 R’s to Recognize, React, and Respond. How to recognize, react and to respond in a potentially risky condition is always our first precedence.

Our Black Belt Holders and Instructors 

Our martial arts academy has trained many karatekas(students of martial art) and many of them are today are successful in there life, not only in martial art either in all parts of life. As the real meaning of martial art is “ the art of living your life in wonderful way”. The zeal martial arts academy has a number of black belt holders who have completed the goal of reaching to the black belt degree. Many of those black belts are there in the academy to instruct the beginners. Our black holders are well trained and instructed than others. They are instructed to teach the martial art in a safe and responsible manner, So there is not any danger to your child in the manner of our martial arts academy.

Why Martial Arts ?

What It Develop In Your Child


     Strong Courage


It helps your kid to find the courage to travel outside of his relieve zone. Your kid wills to take on additional dense karate moves and skills. Your kid will become no longer afraid of being afraid.


            Staying Power


Your kid will find joy in improving physical stamina. As your kid will walk farther, run longer, practice skills until it gets them right.


       Never Give Up


Your child will learn not to give up. Your child will stick things out.  Which helps in strives harder, longer to reach their goals. Your child won’t let their self-doubts get in the mode of finding the definitive answer.

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