Social Activities

Jagega Yuva Badhega Yuva 

Our zeal academy has started the new campaign since last 1 year naming Jagega Yuva Badhega Yuva this is a thought by our academy for the youth and teenager to wake them up for the country and the society. We had made the three pillars in our martial art academy the three S in our training module

  1. SEVA

Vision and main motive Behind Jagega Yuva Badhega Yuva

  • The main vision behind the campaign is to encourage and aware the youth and teenagers to wake up and do work for the welfare of the society and country and make our country a better place to live for future forthcoming generations because of all future depends in the hands of youth only.
  • In 2020 India will be the youngest country in the world with a large number of the population of the youth aging between 16-35 and our academy is trying to make the teenagers be aware of the social Indian culture that most of the teenagers are attracting towards the western culture we are not against the western culture but, today youth is forgetting the value of our great Indian culture and attracting more towards the western one thats why we started the campaign jagega yuva badhega yuva
  • We are trying our best way we can do so that teenagers will understand the true value of our country that how the best our Indian culture is and should give some time in their life for the welfare of the country.
  • Secondly, the forthcoming coming generations like kids and children are not connecting with the society and social values in their life, so to make them connect with social values and with the Indian culture and to make them responsible to do some good works for the society and let make our country and society feel proud
  • In today generations peoples are breaking their unity and are forgetting the value of togetherness like before the peoples live in joint families and peoples, societies are aware of each other problems. But nowadays we are forgetting the power of unity and are not living together, so we are also doing work in the field of waking up the people to understand the true power of the Unity.
  • All the peoples are nowadays busy in their own works and life and very less are interested in doing the social works but through this campaign, we are also trying to teach the peoples especially youth to do some social works for the welfare. We are not forcing to do you daily and whole life but at least we should give 2-3 hours weekly for the social working and make our country and society a better place to live in.

Blood Donation Camps and special morning classes

  • The part of jagega yuva badhega yuva is to aware the youth for the blood donation.The Zeal Academy Is organizing the Blood donation camps since last 6 years and every year the amount of the donated blood is increased like in the year of 2017 we have donated 101 units of blood and all the blood donations are encouraged by giving them momentoes and the authorized certificate of donation. This blood donation camp is organized every year in a  systematic way by our certain volunteers who see that no problem should happen to the donators, these camps are part of the campaign to wake up the youth to donate blood and save a life because blood donation is one of the most important social activities we should do for our country and for our society so that nobody should die because of the shortage of the blood.
  • Secondly, we organize  some special morning classes for the youth in that classes with some exercise and long running we also teaches them some social values their.
  • In morning classes we also have the group discussions on the topics useful for the participants as from group discussions we got to know the views of youth on the certain topics which helps us in running our campaign with the new and different strategies.