Cultural Events

The Zeal Martial Arts and Fitness Point not just teach the martial arts values to you but also the true festival values. The zeal celebrates the most of the festivals at the academy like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, Guru Purnima etc.

Holi and Rakhi Celebration

Our academy celebrates holi every year with all the members and students of The zeal academy with full enthusiasm and in a systematic way with the herbal colors because it has two benefits first and foremost the eco-friendly environment and the second one is that it also doesn’t affect the skin and can be removed easily.

The festival of Rakhi is celebrated with full eagerness. On this day we not only celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the classes but also at the old age homes where the girl members tie Rakhi to the men there and the boys tie up Rakhi from the women so they all can feel special and should not feel alone in the world.

International Women's Day

The Zeal also celebrates  the women’s day in the special day on a women’s day not only the girl members of zeal but also the zeal students family women members like their sisters, mothers all have been called to our special women’s day programme where we also host the “Nari Shakti Award” of the year and the winner is chosen by simple game and every woman is given a special surprise gift like in the year 2018 we have given them a small plant in a surprise gift. This also the part of our campaign to aware the society to respect the women and special self-defense seminars is also been conducted there in which the special self-defense techniques are taught. Through these types of programmes, we also do group discussions and tell them that how much martial arts is an important in anyone life and encourage them to learn martial arts and these all things provides us help in moving forward with our campaign.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

The festival of the Lord Ganesha is also celebrated at our academy. The zeal academy welcomes the Lord Ganesha and we believe in pollution free environment so brings the Lord Ganesha idol made up of the soil, not of the plaster of Paris and on these duration ten days whatever donation comes we buy clothes and other stuff for the old age home and donated there for there use.

Guru Purnima Celebration

The Guru Purnima is very special for the zeal academy because on this day all the students of the academy gather at one place to devote their thanks to the sensai harish and other instructors in a special way. The Guru Purnima celebration is special every year in the academy this festival is celebrated with following all the Indian way of saying thanks.

These and all the other festivals are celebrated in a unique and happy way with full enthusiasm and these all celebrated so that today’s generation do not forget the real Indian culture and the specialty of our country because as said that “India is the country full of Festivals” and to do social works for the welfare of the society like we always do in any time of festivals by our campaign “Jagega Yuva badhega Yuva”.