Martial Art Camp

The zeal martial arts and fitness point are been organizing the Winter and summer Martial art camps from past 12 consecutive years. The camp is open for all Martial Artists, despite any style, affiliation or rank. Our most last year camp had students ranging in age from 5 to over 45 and experience levels from beginners to over 10 years. So these camps are helpful for every person and a great opportunity to get exposed to many special types of Martial Arts and other training styles.

The mutual experience of our instructors is more than 25 years!! These instructors will train the students in Karate-Do, taekwondo, judo, mix martial arts, kickboxing and many more. Students are trained in a group of the program based on a timetable and their interest.

This Martial Art Camp is designed to give you an alternative for your children from their day to day.  We provide your children with worth concern as giving them impressive they can learn…the martial arts!  A classic day will consist of training, mountain trekking, meditation and many more.

These martial arts camp are a great way to get valuable qualities in your life

  • Self Defence
  • Confidence
  • Self-control
  • Physical fitness
  • Personal development
  • Stress management

And many more…!

This martial art camp is for both martial artist and non-martial artist students which alike to add these above-mentioned values in their life or simply begin to grow their passion for martial arts. During the days of martial art camp, all the students are taught that what it takes to be a tremendous martial artist.

This camp gives you an adventurous experience in the days of martial art camp. In this martial art camp, we organize many co-curricular activities other than the martial art training, some unforgettable memories, physical activities and many more.

The martial art camp is of 2-4 days at the camp location only with all the necessary facilities provided their where you will learn to live on their own. Some of the activities and physical training which we provide in our martial art camp.